Croydon Tyres

tyres & wheelsWhen compared to any other parts and components, car tyres undergo maximum wear and tear. For tyre service in Croydon, you can count on PMA Auto Works, a locally-owned auto repair shop. Our mechanics have years of experience in the industry and provide the highest quality of tyre-related services to the vehicle owners across Croydon and the surrounding suburbs.

Our Range Of Tyre Services Includes:

Flat Tyre Repairs Croydon:

Got a flat tyre that needs repairing? We can help you! Depending on the size of the slit, the tyre may deflate quickly or slowly. When left unfixed, the flat tyres can trigger loss of control of the vehicle and irreversible damage to the tyres. When you come to us, we will inspect your car tyres and repair or replace the tyres based on the dimension of the slit.

New Tyres For Sale Croydon:

If your car tyres are more than 6 years old or you notice that they have worn out completely, you must replace them as soon as possible. We provide new tyres for sale from leading brands, so you can shop for the ones based on your car make, style, year, size, driving habits, road conditions and weather.

Wheel Alignment Croydon:

If you want your vehicle to operate at its maximum efficiency and safety, you must opt for the wheel alignment service. We have computerised wheel alignment tools that allow us to adjust the angles of wheels to the ’s specifications. Our wheel alignment service maximises your fuel efficiency, improves driving comfort and reduces uneven tyre wear.

Other Services:

Apart from the above mentioned services, we offer exemplary solutions for general wear and tear, new tyre fitting, wheel balancing, tyre rotation and much more at the most competitive prices.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with us for any tyre service, call our PMA Auto Works experts at 03 8838 0594.


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