Panel Beaters

panel beater ringwoodPMA Auto Works is the most reliable car service centre offering high-quality car repairs and maintenance services across Ringwood, Doncaster, Burwood, Nunawading, and its nearby areas. We specialise in all forms of crash repairs, panel beating, and spray painting for all makes and models. Our panel beaters with years of experience will fix any dent and scratch on your vehicle with professional spray painting and panel beating techniques to bring your vehicle back to its former condition.

We offer unparalleled customer service with high-quality workmanship. We can also handle collision repairs, frame and body works, painting, and retouching.

We pride ourselves as the high-quality panel beaters that set us apart as a reliable name in the industry. No matter what, you can bring your car back on its condition with professional panel beating services from PMA Auto Works. If you are looking for an efficient, prompt and reliable service, entrust your panel beating needs to us.

We believe that car is your biggest investment and when it gets damaged in an unexpected situation, there will be a huge amount of work that is needed to bring your vehicle back on the road. Our highly experienced panel beaters ensure that your damaged vehicle will be returned to its pristine condition.

Our Panel Beating Services Include

  • Removing and replacing the damaged panels from your vehicle
  • Repairing dents and scratches with high-quality filters
  • Re-touching to ensure a smooth finish
  • Using spray paint to cover any dents or scratches
  • Installing approved parts
  • Repainting the vehicle to match the original colour of your vehicle.
  • Replacing your vehicle’s body with new hardware.

With numerous new model vehicles on the road, car smash repairs are becoming more complex, but with our expert panel beaters, you can be stress-free about your vehicle.

If you are looking for a professional panel beating services across Ringwood, call PMA Auto Works at 03 8838 0594 today.

Roadworthy Certificate

Roadworthy Certificate RingwoodNeed a roadworthy certificate for your car? Well, you have come to the right place. Whether you want RWC to sell your car or need an inspection for your peace of mind, PMA Auto Works can help. We have fully qualified mechanics with decades of experience in conducting a roadworthy inspection. We will repair any concerning issues and help to get your vehicle certified the first time around.

What Is Roadworthy Certificate And Why Do You Need It?

According to VicRoads Regulations, the vehicles which are certified as roadworthy can only be taken on the road. This certificate is designed to ensure everyone’s safety on the road and to protect used-car buyers from purchasing unsafe vehicles. A roadworthy certificate provides a comprehensive report on the exact condition of a vehicle. In the state of Victoria, you are required to have an RWC to

  • Sell a registered vehicle
  • Transfer registration to a new owner
  • Re-register an unregistered vehicle
  • Transfer registration from another state to Victoria

What Does Roadworthy Inspection Cover?

Our RWC inspection covers a range of basic checks, including

  • Wheel and Tyre
  • Oil & fluid leak
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Seats and Seatbelts
  • General Vehicle checkup
  • Lights, Signals, and Reflectors
  • Windscreen and Windows
  • Air Conditioning
  • Vehicle Body and Chassis

What Happens After the Inspection?

After inspecting all the safety components of your vehicle, we will give you a detailed report dictating the car repairs and upgrades needed to make your car roadworthy. Upon your approval, we will fix all the problems to meet the exacting roadworthy standards. If your vehicle fails the inspection, you will have 14 days to come back for 2nd inspection to rectify the issues and make your vehicle safe to be driven on the road.

Why should you deal with all these hassles?  Bring in your vehicle to PMA Auto Works and let’s guide you through every step of the process and help you get the certificate first time around. To schedule an appointment, you can call us at (03) 8838 0594.

LVT Licence Number
LVT 12074

Car Audio

car audioDriving your car is more than just getting to a destination. With a premium-quality stereo system installed, you can enjoy your favourite music while commuting between destinations. Here at PMA Auto Works, we have been providing car audio installation services to our customers across Ringwood, Nunawading, Doncaster, Burwood & nearby suburbs. We also stock and fit the best quality stereos, speaker, amplifiers and other car audio components to make your driving experience more enjoyable.

car audio repairLet’s Recommend The Right Audio System For You…

From the standard car stereo systems through to advanced sound systems available on the market today, it could be really hard to determine what’s best for you. However, we hold years of experience in auto electronics and can recommend the right audio system for creating an exhilarating sound experience to suit your budget.

Let’s Help You With Car Audio Installation…

Here at PMA Auto Works, we have got professionals with enriched experience on modern car audio installation techniques. With regular training and state of the art equipment, we will be able to help you with all intricacies of sound system installation, ensuring that you would enjoy the great sound quality and ultimate audiophile experience.

car audio installationLet’s Upgrade Your Existing Car Audio System…

While some people prefer replacing the entire audio system, others find it easier to upgrade their current system. At PMA Auto Works, we offer the largest selection of car audio components such as speakers, stereos, subwoofers, amplifiers, car audio navigation system and other accessories that allow you to upgrade your car’s in-built sound system. To ensure the best sound quality in your vehicle, we replace your speakers with quality aftermarket speakers. Following this, we install a new amplifier for achieving more accurate sound, and subwoofer for a strong bass response. Sound processors, CD Changers, HD Radio, Bluetooth kits, satellite radio and other necessary accessories will be installed to ensure good sound quality.


car audio repairsIf you would like to know more about our car audio installation services, feel free to call (03) 8838 0594 and talk to our experts today.

Wheel Balancing

wheel balancingOften confused with wheel alignment, wheel balancing involves the process of balancing the weight of the tyre and wheels in such a way that they travel consistently at high speeds. Here at PMA Auto Works, we have been providing wheel balancing services to our customers across Ringwood, Nunawading, Doncaster, Burwood, Mitcham & surrounding suburbs. Imperfection in the manufacturing of tyres and wheels would cause heavy spots. Having your wheels balanced will minimise the potential vibration felt in the seat, steering wheel or floorboard while ensuring smooth and enjoyable driving.

Signs of Unbalanced Wheels:

The most common signs of unbalanced wheels are noise and vibration problems. When you drive on your vehicle without balance wheels, the wheels get bounced down the road instead of spinning smoothly. This will have an impact on the mileage, speed, and handling of your vehicle. Today’s modern cars have lightweight suspension systems and are highly sensitive to wheels imbalance. That is why we recommend our customers to have their wheels balanced every 6,000 miles.

Signs of unbalanced wheels are often more apparent at moderate speeds. If you drive your vehicle at a speed below 40mph, the problem may not be more obvious. However, if you increase the speed above this level, you will find it difficult to hold your steering wheel as the amount of vibration transmitted through it increases.

wheel balancing serviceWhat Does Wheel Balancing Involve?

Wheel balancing is usually performed on a special machine that measures the weight applied at all points in the wheel’s rotation cycle. When you bring in your vehicle for wheel balancing, one of our mechanics will place offsetting weights at specific points over the wheel. These weights will help us identify the points where excessive weight is exerted.

If you find that your vehicle’s steering behaves strangely, feel free to call our team at (03) 8838 0594 to schedule an appointment for car service. Let our mechanics get your wheels balanced and bring you back on the road quickly.

Wheel Alignment

wheel alignmentIf your vehicle pulls considerably to the left or right while you are driving or you experience a vibration in the steering wheel, you need to bring in your car to PMA Auto Works for a wheel alignment check. Properly aligned wheel enhance performance and smooth handling of your vehicle by placing less wear and tear on the suspension and brake systems. On the flip side, improperly aligned wheels will affect the fuel economy of your vehicle and potentially lead to serious safety issues.

At PMA Auto Works, we have invested in state-of-the-art alignment equipment that can detect even a slight misalignment in the wheels. Our mechanics have years of experience in wheel alignment by working on all makes and models and take pride in serving our customers across Ringwood, Nunawading, Doncaster, Burwood, Mitcham & surrounding suburbs.

When Do you Need Wheel Alignment?

  • When there is uneven or rapid tyre wear.
  • When your vehicle pulls to the right or life
  • When the steering is irregular
  • When your car has been involved in an accident
  • When you hit a pothole or graze the curb
  • When you have installed new tyres or suspension components

If you notice any of these signs, we encourage you to bring in your vehicle to PMA Auto Works. No matter what make and model your vehicle is, we will get the wheels aligned to your ’s specifications.

Benefits of Getting Wheel Alignment:

  • Properly aligned wheels work together and put a less stress on the engine, increasing your car’s fuel efficiency.
  • Proper wheel alignment prevents premature wear and tear of vehicle components, and thereby reduces expensive repairs.
  • Constantly getting your wheels aligned will allow you to enjoy efficient, smooth and safe driving experience.
  • With properly aligned wheels, your car tyres wear down evenly and last for a longer time. So, you don’t have to buy new tyres sooner than you need to.

Wheel alignments are extremely important for the overall health of your vehicle. Call PMA Auto Works on (03) 8838 0594 to get it done precisely and speedily.

Car Service & Repairs

car service repair

Are you in need of a reputable and reliable car service in Ringwood, Nunawading, Doncaster, Burwood, Mitcham or surrounding suburbs? You can trust the honest, highly-skilled, and attentive level of auto care offered at PMA Auto Works. Drawing on our passion and in-depth knowledge of all the integral components and systems of vehicles of numerous shapes, sizes, and models, our personalised approach to your car ensures that your car is up and running in no time at all.

Complete Overhaul:

Is your car making strange noises? Can you no longer ignore vibrations and poor handling? By conducting a keen analysis of all of your vehicle’s components and systems, the team at PMA Auto Works mechanics can repair and overhaul your car quickly and effectively. From brake pads, fluid draining and replacement, to emissions testing our team can improve the output and quality of your vehicle with ease.

What Car Services & Repairs Do We Provide?

Motorists no longer have to be concerned about the performance of their vehicle thanks to our detailed and methodical approach to conducting a wide range of car services including,

Car Service Ringwood

Car Repairs & Preventive Maintenance:

Your vehicle is a huge investment and it is important to protect that investment with proper care and maintenance. PMA Auto Works is authorised to perform preventative maintenance service that can drastically increase the life and overall performance of your vehicle. We combine recommendations with your driving habits to conclude the maintenance schedule that works for you.

Whether you are looking for maintenance service or you have a specific vehicle problem that needs immediate attention, call (03) 8838 0594 for an appointment with our team today.

Logbook Service

Logbook ServiceAre you searching for a comprehensive and trustworthy team of fully qualified auto technicians to conduct outstanding and exceptional servicing on your vehicle? Drawing on our unmatched level of experience and knowledge of the inner workings of all types of vehicles the team at PMA Auto Works know how to keep your car running without any hiccups. Thanks to our dedicated and all-inclusive car logbook service Melbourne motorists can trust us to ensure the safety and reliability of their car on Australian roads.

Since first opening 15 years ago PMA Auto Works has been a fully-licensed and reliable log book servicing workshop. Specialising in servicing European vehicles our technicians use high quality and authentic parts when required to car repairs to the ’s specifications. By selecting PMA Auto to conduct the log book service of your car you will be ensuring the value of your car by keeping an up-to-date record of your car’s regular service history. Thanks to your keen insight and thorough examination of the integral components of your vehicle we can ensure that your car does not harm you or others on the roads due to critical failures.

Is your car not performing like it used to? Are you wanting to resell your car in the future and get the best price available? Thanks to our detailed and thorough vehicle log book servicing solutions the skilled and qualified team at PMA Auto Works have the knowledge to guarantee that your car is in the best possible condition when it leaves our workshop. By using the most reputable replacement parts and components our commitment to quality translates into the best care and attention for your car. For an honest car service, Melbourne mechanics can turn to PMA Auto Works.

Call (03) 8838 0594 to have your vehicle examined in the intended way and protect your warranty.

Brake Service & Repairs

brake repairsYour brakes are one of the most vital parts of your vehicle. The parts that make up your car’s brake system include rotors, caliper, brake fluid, brake pads, hoses and much more. These components wear down over time and eventually need to be replaced. PMA Auto Works has been providing brake service and repairs to vehicle owners across Ringwood, Nunawading, Doncaster, Burwood, Mitcham & surrounding suburbs. With years of experience and state of the art equipment, we are able to fix all the car repairs like brake issues in vehicles of all makes and models.

When Do You Need Brake Repairs?

  • ABS or brake light is on while braking or driving.
  • Unusual noise or odour
  • Brake fluid leaking from your vehicle
  • Brake pedal feeling softer than usual
  • Car pulling to one side while braking
  • Steering wheel shaking while braking
  • Pulsating brake pedal

If you experience any of the warning signs listed above, bring in your car for a thorough inspection. Our mechanics conduct a complete evaluation to determine what just your brake needs for smooth stopping. Once the inspection is completed, you will be provided with a written estimate outlining what work is necessary and optional. We assure you that no work will be performed until you give the go-forward signal.

brake repairsOur Brake Repairs Includes:

  • Adjusting parking brake
  • Lubrication for specific components
  • Wheel bearings inspected and repacked
  • Old brake fluid replaced
  • Rotor & drum resurfacing
  • Replacement of worn out components

Your family’s safety is our biggest concern. That’s why we only use high-quality parts while replacing the worn-out or damaged components. Our mechanics are well experienced and carry out brake service to the industry standard. Before we return your vehicle, we will conduct a road test to ensure that the braking system is operating as it should.

brake pads  brake pads

So, if you think you have a problem with your vehicle’s brake system, we welcome you to call our team at (03) 8838 0594 and schedule an appointment today. Let us keep your vehicle safe and help you drive worry-free.

Transmission Service & Repairs

Transmission Service Transmission repair is something that should not be taken lightly. Your vehicle’s transmission is connected to several key components and it should be maintained properly to ensure your safety. If you notice fluid leaks, strange smells, odd sounds, shifting issues or warning light turned on in your vehicle, you may need transmission repair. At PMA Auto Works, we provide transmission service and repairs to our customers across Ringwood, Nunawading, Doncaster, Burwood, Mitcham & surrounding suburbs. From manual to automatic transmissions, we repair everything and make your transmission work better for a long time.

How Can We Help You?

With years of experience in the auto repair industry, we provide transmission service for all makes and models, including prestige, classic, sports and high performance vehicles. From fault diagnosis to troubleshooting, we have a reliable solution for all your transmission problems. Using the latest diagnostic equipment, our mechanics can easily identify what has gone wrong with your transmission system. Based on our findings, we provide a detailed estimate outlining the issues and the necessary works needed to restore its performance.

What Does Our Transmission Service Cover?

Similar to other parts of your vehicle, you should have your transmission serviced on a regular basis. When you bring in your vehicle for transmission service, we will

  • Remove and inspect the pan
  • Clean and re-install the pan
  • Install a new gasket
  • Clean or replace the screen
  • Replace old transmission fluid with new fluid
  • Make required changes and adjustments

Benefits of Our Transmission Service:

  • Transmission system will be optimally lubricated.
  • Clogging of the system will be prevented.
  • Life of the car will be lengthened.
  • Fuel efficiency will be increased.
  • Improved performance will be achieved.

So, if you want to determine the nature of your car’s transmission problem and fix it quickly, call us at (03) 8838 0594 for an appointment or drop by us at our Ringwood workshop.

Car Mechanics

Car mechanicsWhatever your vehicle needs to keep running smoothly, you will get it at PMA Auto Works. We have a team of highly experienced, certified car mechanics who can sort out and fix a wide range of mechanical problems quickly and effectively. Whether your engine warning light is on or ABS light stays illuminated, we have the latest diagnostic equipment to diagnose the problem and fix it right away. With a wealth of experience and advanced equipment, we are dedicated to offering superior mechanical service to the people of Ringwood, Doncaster, Burwood, Nunawading, Mitcham and nearby communities.

Most Common Car Mechanical Problems:

Most of the modern vehicles feature a sophisticated onboard diagnostic system. With the latest diagnostic scanning tools, we will fetch information from the diagnostic port and analyze the data received to determine what has gone wrong with your vehicle.  The onboard diagnostic systems provide a list of trouble codes that help us to identify any malfunction. With the information obtained, we will perform effective car repairs on your vehicle and get you back on the road in no time.

Reasons To Choose Us:

  • We never adhere to a one-size-fits-all policy. Rather, we provide customer-oriented, personalised services with utmost integrity.
  • We never cut corners and are dedicated to providing quality, cost-effective solutions, which helped us gain the reputation among our customers.
  • We are technically dependable meaning that we conduct a full inspection and alert you of any repairs that need immediate attention.
  • We employ only certified, experienced and qualified mechanics who have the ability to work on all makes and models.

If you suspect that your car has any mechanical problem, feel free to call our mechanical team at (03) 8838 0594. We look forward to helping you take care of your car.


Sarbjit Pattnaik

It would not be enough how much I write about Peter/PMA autowork here, but I would try to give a complete honest review. Few days back I got an Audi Q7 V8 4.2l from one of the private seller, and you tell me its my error in judgement or bad luck, I got into major problems like engine shuddering and multiple fault codes from day 1. I banged different doors including Audi and got lot of heartache with unimaginable quotes and time to repair. Then out of nowhere I saw PMA autoworks popped up in nearby mechanic ads. Right from that time Peter took control of the situation and laid out a plan to approach this major issue, he was very very communicative at every step and diagnosed the issue (which was exactly as Audi found) and suggested to replace timing chains ( please note in Audi Q7 replacing timing chain is a complicated task as it sits behind the engine, so that means, engine along with other components need to come out), also he showed me few other components were faulty and recommended to replace. He provided me a genuine quote and along with provided me lot of assurance and confidence of handling this major issue. He delivered the car within two weeks along as he commited in beginning with one year manufacture warranty and lifetime warranty of workmanship. and voila two weeks gone my car is running as smooth as ever before and even after delivering the car Peter from his side followed up couple of times to understand my experience.

This in my experience should be called as text book definition of customer satisfaction which Peter and his team have showed in every point without charging mindless money. Thanks a lot Peter and team!!

Bui Manh Tuan

PMA has been the one-stop shop destination for all of my auto mechanical needs over the past two years. From installing a new sensor system to fixing an engine starter or periodic maintenance services, Peter and his team have delivered consistently excellent services at competitive prices. I appreciate Peter’s flexibility and efforts to accommodate customers’ requests. For an example, a month back, one of my cars failed to start. Needless to say, this got me very frustrated as I was about to drive to work in the morning. I called Peter and he did come to my garage after working hours to diagnose the problem. In the following morning, he came back to get it fixed by replacing the starter. I was very pleased with PMA’s agile, timely yet professional services. In addition, Peter always provides me with great consultation as to when things need to be done and what kinds of spare part/materials I should go with. This assisted me to work out a solution that suits my budget the most. In summary, I would highly recommend PMA auto for its great technical excellence and customer services and compettitive pricing.

Rachelle Flower

Peter is very honest, I did a bit of price research before I went of the head unit upgrade and his price is by far the best and the reviews on him is great. I was recommended by a friend and this company didn’t disappoint! The new touch screen console is fabulous. And soooo reasonable priced. Will be going back there to do window tinting.

Dennis Ho

Had my Audi A4 2.0L turbo engine fully rebuilt for a bargain and can feel the difference in the drive, also better fuel consumption has improved a lot as well. For a massive job it was done thoroughly but speedy. Would definitely recommend any services done through PMA. Fantastic work all round, thank you team!

Vu Tran

Been to PMA for services twice now and i am extremely happy with the services provided by Peter, as well as the PMA team.

Will definitely recommend PMA to my friends and colleagues!! Keep up the good work

Joe Wong

Peter was wonderful. He deserves a 5 stars, thank you very much by being honest by telling us that we could go back to car dealer for the sensor issue.

If you are after honest, professional and cost-effective services, PMA is highly recommended.

John Nathaniel Gureng Navarro

I always keep my cars in excellent condition with pma auto works. They also specialise with aftermarket parts. I service my mazda 6 and my Toyota 86 gti trd with them and both runs well and never had issue on it.they follow my service schemes manual on which need to inspect or replace so it’s the same service I get from but with a very less price.and the best thing is I get a drop off or a free loan car if I need to go to work.I highly recommend this to my friends and most of them do their car service here.

Jacky Caine

Feels good when you finally find that mechanic that you will always return to.
Fantastic business to deal with, good pricing & service was excellent. My car feels great and has so much more power haha
Peter and crew thank you so much

David Vu

PMA Auto Work is a best one-stop shop destination for auto mechanical in Melbourne Peter always gives me the good price – cheapest He takes care my 1991 Honda Civic EG and 2010 Holden Cruze JG very good

Ash Zakariah

Got my car fixed up after going to other claimed specialists. Peter and his team know their stuff and got it done. Keep up the good service. Highly recommended.

Tin Tran

Peter is an honest and trustworthy person. He knows his stuffs and always makes sure you leave happy. Highly recommended!

Mario Susatyo

Peter is my go to mechanic for any of my automotive stuff, highly recommended and always very positive experience..!!

AndrewandKaren Shepherd

Outstanding service and price – nothing is too difficult I would highly recommend them to you

Kunwar Virk

Best auto shop in Melbourne. I modded my wrx recently. With a valvetronic exhaust which was specifically designed and made by pma auto works. The car sounds beautiful all thanks to pma auto works and Peter. Prices are extremely cheaper than others and performance is what they deliver.

John Nathaniel Gureng

I live in Richmond, willing to drive 30mins to his shop for car service. Strongly count on these guys, they have big passion in cars. Good service, good advice and good price. Will recommend friends. Wish i can rate 10 stars

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