Car Service & Mechanic Blackburn

Car Service & Mechanics BlackburnIf you are looking for a reliable car servicing centre in Blackburn, you can count on PMA Auto Works. Our team of specialists is fully experienced and is aware of the latest automotive technology. So, whether you drive a domestic or foreign vehicle, we can handle all of your automotive needs in a professional manner. You can rely on us for the following services:

Logbook Service Blackburn:

Strictly adhering to the recommended maintenance schedule is extremely crucial to protect your new car warranty. We provide logbook servicing that involves tuning up your vehicle to the ’s specification using original parts at the specific intervals.

Roadworthy Certificate Blackburn:

Having a roadworthy certificate ensures that your vehicle is in sound operating condition and is safe to be driven on the road. This certificate is generally required when a vehicle is being sold or re-registered in Victoria. As a licensed vehicle tester, we conduct a thorough inspection of all the safety components of your vehicle and issue a roadworthy certificate.

Wheels & Tyres Blackburn:

We have a great range of quality tyres and wheels from market-leading brands for all makes and models. We not only sell tyres and wheels but also provide fitting services as per the ’s specifications. In addition, we also handle tyre rotation, flat tyre repairs, wheel balancing and alignment services at fair prices.

Auto Electrical Service Blackburn:

No matter what kind of electrical service you are looking for, our mechanics can help in to solve the problems in the most efficient manner including car batteries repairs & replacement. From the installation of new electrical components to the maintenance and electrical repairs of old components, we offer a comprehensive range of auto electrical services for all makes and models.

Car Air Conditioning Service Blackburn:

If your car air conditioning system is not functioning as it used to be, you can bring in your vehicle to PMA Auto Works for a quick inspection. Whether your A/C system needs a car aircon regas service or complex repairs, we offer a personalised service to get it working again.

Car Audio Installation Blackburn:

Whether you are looking to replace your existing car stereo system or want to upgrade to the latest model, we have it all. With a range of car stereos and accessories such as speakers, sub-woofers and amplifiers in stock, we offer car audio installation customised to your vehicle.

Car Reversing Camera Installation Blackburn:

Reversing cameras make parking both safer and easier. We supply reversing sensors to suit all budgets and have established a reputation to deliver outstanding workmanship on car reversing camera installation for all makes and models.

Brands We Work With:

If you want to get the most out of your vehicle, call our team at (03) 8838 0594. Let’s inspect your vehicle and perform necessary car service & repairs to make it run efficiently again!


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