Wheel Balancing

wheel balancingOften confused with wheel alignment, wheel balancing involves the process of balancing the weight of the tyre and wheels in such a way that they travel consistently at high speeds. Here at PMA Auto Works, we have been providing wheel balancing services to our customers across Ringwood, Nunawading, Doncaster, Burwood, Mitcham & surrounding suburbs. Imperfection in the manufacturing of tyres and wheels would cause heavy spots. Having your wheels balanced will minimise the potential vibration felt in the seat, steering wheel or floorboard while ensuring smooth and enjoyable driving.

Signs of Unbalanced Wheels:

The most common signs of unbalanced wheels are noise and vibration problems. When you drive on your vehicle without balance wheels, the wheels get bounced down the road instead of spinning smoothly. This will have an impact on the mileage, speed, and handling of your vehicle. Today’s modern cars have lightweight suspension systems and are highly sensitive to wheels imbalance. That is why we recommend our customers to have their wheels balanced every 6,000 miles.

Signs of unbalanced wheels are often more apparent at moderate speeds. If you drive your vehicle at a speed below 40mph, the problem may not be more obvious. However, if you increase the speed above this level, you will find it difficult to hold your steering wheel as the amount of vibration transmitted through it increases.

wheel balancing serviceWhat Does Wheel Balancing Involve?

Wheel balancing is usually performed on a special machine that measures the weight applied at all points in the wheel’s rotation cycle. When you bring in your vehicle for wheel balancing, one of our mechanics will place offsetting weights at specific points over the wheel. These weights will help us identify the points where excessive weight is exerted.

If you find that your vehicle’s steering behaves strangely, feel free to call our team at (03) 8838 0594 to schedule an appointment for car service. Let our mechanics get your wheels balanced and bring you back on the road quickly.


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