Car Audio

car audioDriving your car is more than just getting to a destination. With a premium-quality stereo system installed, you can enjoy your favourite music while commuting between destinations. Here at PMA Auto Works, we have been providing car audio installation services to our customers across Ringwood, Nunawading, Doncaster, Burwood & nearby suburbs. We also stock and fit the best quality stereos, speaker, amplifiers and other car audio components to make your driving experience more enjoyable.

car audio repairLet’s Recommend The Right Audio System For You…

From the standard car stereo systems through to advanced sound systems available on the market today, it could be really hard to determine what’s best for you. However, we hold years of experience in auto electronics and can recommend the right audio system for creating an exhilarating sound experience to suit your budget.

Let’s Help You With Car Audio Installation…

Here at PMA Auto Works, we have got professionals with enriched experience on modern car audio installation techniques. With regular training and state of the art equipment, we will be able to help you with all intricacies of sound system installation, ensuring that you would enjoy the great sound quality and ultimate audiophile experience.

car audio installationLet’s Upgrade Your Existing Car Audio System…

While some people prefer replacing the entire audio system, others find it easier to upgrade their current system. At PMA Auto Works, we offer the largest selection of car audio components such as speakers, stereos, subwoofers, amplifiers, car audio navigation system and other accessories that allow you to upgrade your car’s in-built sound system. To ensure the best sound quality in your vehicle, we replace your speakers with quality aftermarket speakers. Following this, we install a new amplifier for achieving more accurate sound, and subwoofer for a strong bass response. Sound processors, CD Changers, HD Radio, Bluetooth kits, satellite radio and other necessary accessories will be installed to ensure good sound quality.


car audio repairsIf you would like to know more about our car audio installation services, feel free to call (03) 8838 0594 and talk to our experts today.


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