PMA IROAD QX2 1440P QHD & FHD 2CH Dash Cam


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The IROAD QX Series captures 1440p QHD front and 1080p FHD rear recording, providing four times more clarity than standard HD resolution. Its 2560x1440P resolution with 5.0M pixels and Sony IMX335 sensor deliver clearer and sharper images with significantly enhanced video quality, even in low-light conditions, and with little-to-no over-exposure across the entire image, making it an excellent choice for day and night use.

Real HDR technology is integrated to eliminate light blurring while driving at night, producing clear and vivid recordings even in challenging lighting conditions such as backlighting and tunnels. This advanced feature allows the IROAD QX Series to accurately capture the entire dynamic range of a scene, resulting in improved clarity and contrast across the entire video. This makes it an excellent choice for drivers who need reliable and high-quality footage, regardless of the lighting conditions.


By applying the Sony Stavis sensor to both the front and rear cameras of the IROAD QX2, the image quality is significantly enhanced, particularly during nighttime recording. The sensor delivers clearer and more vivid colors in QHD images, ensuring superior image quality in low-light conditions. It’s worth noting that the front camera records in QHD, while the rear camera records in FHD, providing you with clear and detailed footage from both angles.

Sudden light exposure while driving, such as strong direct sunlight or the light of incoming vehicles at night, can sometimes affect your vision and make it difficult to assess the situation.
The IROAD QX series dash cams automatically adjust the amount of light exposure to provide bright and clear images in any situation.

LONG DRIVING RECORDING WITH No more worries about missing out while driving long-distance
By compressing the recorded video, Hyper Lapse minimizes the memory space and saves 4 times more footage.
However, when an event or impact occurs, recording frame rate switches automatically to 30 fps to provide clearer images of important moments.

LONG PARKING RECORDING WITH Experience continuous Parking Mode recording for a long time with IROAD Time Lapse.
Time Lapse is a low-capacity recording method that minimizes the storage space by compressing and saving at 1fps while in Parking Mode.
On the other hand, when an impact or motion is detected during Parking Mode, it switches automatically to 30 fps to provide clearer images of important moments.

ADAS 2.0(VER.2023)
The IROAD QX series is equipped with the Road Safety Warning System that provides audio and visual alerts for Lane Departure (LDWS), Front Collision (FCWS) and Front Vehicle Departure (FVDW). It detects road markings and gives voice warnings to the drivers if the vehicle begins to stray from its lane or when it is at risk of an imminent crash.

CONTINUOUS RECORDING MODE This mode is activated automatically when you start the engine. Recorded videos are saved in one-minute segments with an auto-looping mechanism.

EVENT RECORDING MODE It will automatically start an Event recording when motion or impact is detected around the vehicle during both parking and driving mode.

MANUAL RECORDING Generate Event files on request when witnessing a traffic incident or something interesting on the road that you want to make sure you catch on camera. When pressing the Manual Recording button, the dash cam records and separately stores a few seconds of footage before (5-10s) and after (15-20s) that moment as a Manual Recording file protected from overwriting (limit before overwriting: up to max. 4% of total SD card storage).

PARKING IMPACT BUFFERED RECORDING When in Parking Mode, the built-in G sensor detects when an impact with the vehicle has occurred, for which the dash cam generates an event file stored separately, protected from overwriting (if SD card storage is assigned to Event files through the dash cam settings). The saved video will include a few seconds before the impact occurred (5-10s) and a few seconds after (15-20s). This can be turned ON regardless of the Parking Mode used (Time-lapse or Motion Detection).

TIME-LAPSE PARKING MODE The dash cam will continuously record at 1fps during Parking Mode. If Parking Impact is turned ON, the frame rate will briefly switch from 1fps to 30fps when recording the impact, then the dash cam will continue recording at 1fps.

MOTION DETECTION PARKING MODE The dash cam stays “asleep” until it detects movement around the vehicle. In this mode, any motion happening around the vehicle in recorded in an event file stored separately. The saved video will include a few seconds before the motion was detected (5-10s) and a few seconds after (15-20s).

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Sarbjit Pattnaik

It would not be enough how much I write about Peter/PMA autowork here, but I would try to give a complete honest review. Few days back I got an Audi Q7 V8 4.2l from one of the private seller, and you tell me its my error in judgement or bad luck, I got into major problems like engine shuddering and multiple fault codes from day 1. I banged different doors including Audi and got lot of heartache with unimaginable quotes and time to repair. Then out of nowhere I saw PMA autoworks popped up in nearby mechanic ads. Right from that time Peter took control of the situation and laid out a plan to approach this major issue, he was very very communicative at every step and diagnosed the issue (which was exactly as Audi found) and suggested to replace timing chains ( please note in Audi Q7 replacing timing chain is a complicated task as it sits behind the engine, so that means, engine along with other components need to come out), also he showed me few other components were faulty and recommended to replace. He provided me a genuine quote and along with provided me lot of assurance and confidence of handling this major issue. He delivered the car within two weeks along as he commited in beginning with one year manufacture warranty and lifetime warranty of workmanship. and voila two weeks gone my car is running as smooth as ever before and even after delivering the car Peter from his side followed up couple of times to understand my experience.

This in my experience should be called as text book definition of customer satisfaction which Peter and his team have showed in every point without charging mindless money. Thanks a lot Peter and team!!

Bui Manh Tuan

PMA has been the one-stop shop destination for all of my auto mechanical needs over the past two years. From installing a new sensor system to fixing an engine starter or periodic maintenance services, Peter and his team have delivered consistently excellent services at competitive prices. I appreciate Peter’s flexibility and efforts to accommodate customers’ requests. For an example, a month back, one of my cars failed to start. Needless to say, this got me very frustrated as I was about to drive to work in the morning. I called Peter and he did come to my garage after working hours to diagnose the problem. In the following morning, he came back to get it fixed by replacing the starter. I was very pleased with PMA’s agile, timely yet professional services. In addition, Peter always provides me with great consultation as to when things need to be done and what kinds of spare part/materials I should go with. This assisted me to work out a solution that suits my budget the most. In summary, I would highly recommend PMA auto for its great technical excellence and customer services and compettitive pricing.

Rachelle Flower

Peter is very honest, I did a bit of price research before I went of the head unit upgrade and his price is by far the best and the reviews on him is great. I was recommended by a friend and this company didn’t disappoint! The new touch screen console is fabulous. And soooo reasonable priced. Will be going back there to do window tinting.

Dennis Ho

Had my Audi A4 2.0L turbo engine fully rebuilt for a bargain and can feel the difference in the drive, also better fuel consumption has improved a lot as well. For a massive job it was done thoroughly but speedy. Would definitely recommend any services done through PMA. Fantastic work all round, thank you team!

Vu Tran

Been to PMA for services twice now and i am extremely happy with the services provided by Peter, as well as the PMA team.

Will definitely recommend PMA to my friends and colleagues!! Keep up the good work

Joe Wong

Peter was wonderful. He deserves a 5 stars, thank you very much by being honest by telling us that we could go back to car dealer for the sensor issue.

If you are after honest, professional and cost-effective services, PMA is highly recommended.

John Nathaniel Gureng Navarro

I always keep my cars in excellent condition with pma auto works. They also specialise with aftermarket parts. I service my mazda 6 and my Toyota 86 gti trd with them and both runs well and never had issue on it.they follow my service schemes manual on which need to inspect or replace so it’s the same service I get from but with a very less price.and the best thing is I get a drop off or a free loan car if I need to go to work.I highly recommend this to my friends and most of them do their car service here.

Jacky Caine

Feels good when you finally find that mechanic that you will always return to.
Fantastic business to deal with, good pricing & service was excellent. My car feels great and has so much more power haha
Peter and crew thank you so much

David Vu

PMA Auto Work is a best one-stop shop destination for auto mechanical in Melbourne Peter always gives me the good price – cheapest He takes care my 1991 Honda Civic EG and 2010 Holden Cruze JG very good

Ash Zakariah

Got my car fixed up after going to other claimed specialists. Peter and his team know their stuff and got it done. Keep up the good service. Highly recommended.

Tin Tran

Peter is an honest and trustworthy person. He knows his stuffs and always makes sure you leave happy. Highly recommended!

Mario Susatyo

Peter is my go to mechanic for any of my automotive stuff, highly recommended and always very positive experience..!!

AndrewandKaren Shepherd

Outstanding service and price – nothing is too difficult I would highly recommend them to you

Kunwar Virk

Best auto shop in Melbourne. I modded my wrx recently. With a valvetronic exhaust which was specifically designed and made by pma auto works. The car sounds beautiful all thanks to pma auto works and Peter. Prices are extremely cheaper than others and performance is what they deliver.

John Nathaniel Gureng

I live in Richmond, willing to drive 30mins to his shop for car service. Strongly count on these guys, they have big passion in cars. Good service, good advice and good price. Will recommend friends. Wish i can rate 10 stars